Aim and scope

The journal provides a forum for exchange of ideas and experience amongst members of international community of statisticians, data producers and users, including researchers, teachers, policy makers and the general public. Its initially dominating focus on statistical issues pertinent to transition from centrally planned to a market-oriented economy has gradually been extended to embracing statistical problems related to development and modernization of the system of public (official) statistics, in general.

The periodical consists of three types of articles:

  1. Research articles – articles concern innovative approaches that address both theoretical and practical problems. The journal favours papers that report new methods accompanied by real-life applications.
  2. Research communicates and letters – articles which include communicates from research shorter than research papers but required to pass the same type of reviewing process.
  3. Other articles – this section includes works which were presented during conferences (such as Multivariate Statistical Analysis series of conference).
  4. Conference reports and reviews – this is the only section with unreviewed texts. It contains information on the most important events in the scientific community and reports on scientific conferences, reviews science books in the field of statistics and econometrics, as well as possibility for authors to respond to reviews and polemics, discussions and corrections regarding articles published in the journal.
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