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The subpage contains the papers accepted for publication in the next issue, which is still under printing

Oleksandr Osaulenko, Olena Horobets
Using Big Data by Ukrainian official statistics when martial law applies: problems and solutions (PDF, 200 KB)

Тetiana Kobylynska, Iryna Legan, Olena Motuzka
A statistical study of climate change in Ukraine under martial law (PDF, 492 KB)

Deepika Rajoriya, Diwakar Shukla
Under military war weapon support the economic bond level estimation using generalized Petersen graph with imputation (PDF, 2.10 MB)

Tetyana Chala, Oleksiy Korepanov, Iuliia Lazebnyk, Daryna Chernenko, Georgii Korepanov
Statistical modelling and forecasting of wheat and meslin export from Ukraine using the singular spectral analysis

Taisiia Bondaruk, Liudmyla Momotiuk, Iryna Zaichko
Budgetary policy of Ukraine in time of challenges and its impact on financial security

Olha Kuzmenko, Hanna Yarovenko, Larysa Perkhun
Assessing the maturity of the current global system for combating financial and cyber fraud

Halyna Holubova
A comparative analysis of the principal component method and parallel analysis in working with official statistical data

Nataliia Hrynchak, Olha Yatsenko, Olena Bulatova, Olena Ptashchenko
Problems realating to the statistical research of the national market of logistics services in war conditions

Olha Lubenchenko, Svitlana Shulga, H. Pavlova
Method of auditing in conditions of martial law

Nataliia Reznikova, Iryna Zvarych, Roman Zvarych, Oksana Ivashchenko
The impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the green transition and the energy crisis: Ukrainian scenario of circular economy development

Oleg Krekhivskyi, Olena Salikhova
A new industrial strategy for Europe – new indicators of the results of its implementation

Olga Vasyechko
Current challenges related to the consumer price index (CPI) in Ukraine

Volodymyr Sarioglo, Maryna Ogay
Approach to population estimation in Ukraine using mobile operators’ data (PDF, 164 KB)

Maryna Puhachova, Oleksandr Gladun
Using electronic registries to study the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences (PDF, 140 KB)

Ella Libanova, Oleksii Pozniak
War-driven wave of Ukrainian emigration to Europe: an attempt to evaluate the scale and consequences (the view of Ukrainian researchers) (PDF, 188KB)

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