Friday Ikechukwu Agu , Joseph Thomas Eghwerido

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Modelling lifetime data with simple mathematical representations and an ease in obtaining the parameter estimate of survival models are crucial quests pursued by survival researchers. In this paper, we derived and introduced a one-parameter distribution called the Agu-Eghwerido (AGUE) distribution with its simple mathematical representation. The regression model of the AGUE distribution was also presented. Several basic properties of the new distribution, such as reliability measures, mean residual function, median, moment generating function, skewness, kurtosis, coefficient of variation, and index of dispersion, were derived. The estimation of the proposed distribution parameter was based on the maximum likelihood estimation method. The real-life applications of the distribution were illustrated using two real lifetime negatively and positively skewed data sets. The new distribution provides a better fit than the Pranav, exponential, and Lindley distributions for the data sets. The simulation results showed that the increase in parameter values decreases the mean squared error value. Similarly, the mean estimate tends towards the true parameter value as the sample sizes increase.


AGUE distribution, AGUE regression model, moment generating function, means residual function, hazard rate function, survival rate function


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