Nadeem Akhtar , Sajjad Ahamad Khan , Muhammad Amin , Akbar Ali Khan , Amjad Ali , Sadaf Manzoor

© N. Akhtar, S. A. Khan, M. Amin, A. A. Khan, A. Ali, S. Manzoor. Article available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 licence


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In this paper, the geometric distribution parameter is estimated under a type-I censoring scheme by means of the Bayesian estimation approach. The Beta and Kumaraswamy informative priors, as well as five loss functions are used for this purpose. Expressions of Bayes estimators and Bayes risks are derived under the Squared Error Loss Function (SELF), the Quadratic Loss Function (QLF), the Precautionary Loss Function (PLF), the Simple Asymmetric Precautionary Loss Function (SAPLF), and the DeGroot Loss Function (DLF) using the two aforementioned priors. The prior densities are obtained through prior predictive distributions. Simulation studies are carried out to make comparisons using Bayes risks. Finally, a real-life data example is used to verify the model’s efficiency.


prior distribution, posterior distribution, geometric distribution, beta distribution, Kumraswamy distribution.


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