Vahid Ranjbar 3743-0330 , Abbas Eftekharian , Omid Kharazmi , Morad Alizadeh

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In this paper, a new three-parameter lifetime model, called the odd log-logistic generalised Lindley distribution, is introduced. Some structural properties of the new distribution including ordinary and incomplete moments, quantile and generating functions and order statistics are obtained. The new density function can be expressed as a linear mixture of exponentiated Lindley densities. Different methods are discussed to estimate the model parameters and a simulation study is carried out to show the performance of the new distribution. The importance and flexibility of the new model are also illustrated empirically by means of two real data sets. Finally, Bayesian analysis and Gibbs sampling are performed based on the two real data sets.


Lindley distribution, odd log-logistic generalised family, moments, Bayesian analysis, simulation study


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