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The situation of microenterprises on the market is difficult as they are faced with barriers and competitiveness imposed by larger units. We used data from the REGIOGMINA project to assess the situation of microenterprises. The REGIOGMINA project was implemented by a consortium of Kujawsko–Pomorskie Voivodship, the SGH Warsaw School of Economics and the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń in the scope of the GOSPOSTRATEG initiative. This data set was complemented by data provided by the Local Data Bank of Statistics Poland. The analysis describes the situation in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship. The information from both sources illustrates the situation of microenterprises at a local level (gmina) in the years 2019–2020. A cluster analysis based on taxonomy methods was performed. The aim of the research is to expand the knowledge and contribute to a better understanding of the social and economic problems that microenterprises are confronted with at a local level. The study covers the period before the COVID-19 pandemic and the first year following its outbreak, which makes it possible to assess the effects that the measures taken against the pandemic had on the situation of microenterprises at a local level.


microenterprises, taxonomy methods, COVID-19


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