Call for Papers:
Statistical Data Integration (SDI)

Statistical data integration has been a subject of research and practical operations for many years. Interest in the subject has grown markedly in recent years, especially in survey statistics due to the increasing accessibility of various unconventional data sources and their potential to supplement the traditional sample survey data to produce a wide range of statistics.

Statistics in Transition new series (SiTns) will bring out a special issue on statistical data integration featuring papers that address theoretical, methodological and practical issues on the subject. The topic of this special issue is timely and is undoubtedly one of the important transitions taking place in statistics.

We are seeking papers on any aspect of statistical data integration, including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Big Data in survey sampling and official statistics
  • Longitudinal and panel surveys
  • Multiple Imputation
  • Nonprobability sampling
  • Statistical matching
  • Microsimulation models
  • Social networks
  • Multiframe and multi-mode surveys
  • Small area estimation
  • Statistical disclosure limitation
  • Synthetic data
  • Synthetic population
  • Record Linkage and Entity Resolution
  • Total survey errors

Each paper will go through a peer-review process according to the usual standard of the journal. If you are interested in publishing a paper in this special issue, please send your paper to by January 31, 2020. It is our goal to notify the authors about our final decisions on acceptance/rejections by June 30, 2020.

Partha Lahiri, Guest Editor-in-Chief
Włodzimierz Okrasa, Editor-in-Chief


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